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These are articles curated by the High School Journal of Mathematics Team.

The Race Gap in Mathematics 

Over half a century since Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech, America finds itself far more accepting of racial and ethnic differences than ever. It has become increasingly rare to hear of instances of explicit segregation or discrimination, and when those do unfortunately crop up, they are... Read More

Mitchell Feigenbaum

Mitchell J. Feigenbaum, a mathematician and physicist, died on June 30 at a hospital in Manhattan at the age of 74. Among his staggering achievements, he was the first to discover that many different physical systems follow a common “period doubling” path to chaos, thus pioneering the study of chaos... Read More

Math & Biology

In a recent study by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, supporting evidence was found for the mathematics behind embryonic tissue folding. Embryonic tissue folding is the process of tissue forming that determines the shapes of most of our body’s inner workings. While scientists have been observing this phenomenon... Read More

The Math Behind Climate Change

From the feud between President Trump and Greta Thunberg to the more recent destructive wildfires in Australia, it seems the topic of climate change has, fittingly, never been more heated. And though some believe in climate change and others disregard it, an opinion is meaningless in the presence of fact.... Read More

Mathematician on a Bill: Alan Turing

You may have heard of Alan Madison Turing from the movie “Imitation Game,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Born in 1912, Turing was a talented British mathematician who studied at Cambridge University. Among the many fields in which he established a solid reputation, people most note him for his impactful work in... Read More

Mathematicians Writing Fiction: Alice in Wonderland and its legacy

A popular anecdote recounts that Queen Victoria loved Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland so much that she demanded to be presented with the author’s next book as soon as possible. She soon received a scholarly book on mathematics, An Elementary Treatise on Determinants. Although this anecdote is unfounded, it amusingly shows... Read More

Social Media’s Vexing Math Equation

First it was black and blue or white and gold. Then it was Yanny or Laurel. Now it’s 16 or 1. It’s about time the Internet found something new to take sides on, and this time, the debate is over what the correct answer to a seemingly simple mathematical equation... Read More

Approaching the Pattern of Metasurfaces

A vast number of the latest discoveries and advances in technology have been spurred by the creation of artificially crafted materials, and metamaterials appear to be one of the most promising findings at the forefront of this horizon. What exactly is a metamaterial, you ask? Metamaterials are structures built from... Read More